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About Us

NIKA TANG is a designer brand launched in San Francisco in the end of 2014. Our signature characteristic is our special attention to quality, detail, and craftsmanship in our apparel and accessories collections. We create a beautiful selection for the refined customer for day to day and resort wear, creating statement collectibles to feature as key pieces in their wardrobe.

We prize ourselves as innovators as well as curators for our collection offering, tailored with intricate precision. We believe in our work and have strong dedication to its quality.

We approach our design from a story narrative and with an architectural interpretation focused on volume, shape, fine finishing and applying an architectural language to each series. We are a very intimate team of strong members coming from different cities with a strong love for the arts and fashion. 

All of our garments and accessories are manufactured ethically. Most of our initial design and development is made in San Francisco working with local workshops and expert tailors. We also work collaboratively with design teams and ateliers in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Kiev, Ukraine, Guangzhou, China, and Bologna, and Milan Italy. We create long-term commitments with our ateliers and work with experienced artisans in their field. We nourish partnerships that create long-lasting relationships and target for a curated selection and quality products for our customers that shows our vision.

Our design team is based in San Francisco, bringing ideas and research from fine-art, architecture, film, and photography. 


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